History of Terminus

In the heart of Pyrmont and legally licensed on Christmas Eve in 1841, the Terminus is one of Sydney’s oldest pubs and has an eclectic, rich and checkered past throughout generations of colourful characters, gamblers, revellers and members of Sydney’s underbelly.
The Terminus called ‘last drinks’ over 30 years ago and is now being lovingly revived by a partnership of new owners with a deep connection to the local Pyrmont community.
Timeline excerpt from Shirley Fitzgerald’s book – Terminus: The Pub That Sydney Forgot

  • 1841

    First land sale of the corner block following subdivision. William Allison builds the Pyrmont Hotel on the land and Charles Cameron becomes licensee of Pyrmont’s first hotel.

  • 1845

    Peter Brennan establishes the Coopers Arms at what becomes 88 Harris Street.

  • 1853

    James Pratt establishes Land End Hotel in old Pyrmont Hotel building, now known as 77 John Street. [License transferred to present site of Pyrmont Point Hotel in 1857]

  • 1862

    Peter Brennan buys the block of land, including the old Pyrmont Hotel building and commences to build a new hotel next to it, on the corner of Harris and John Streets.

  • 1863

    Peter Brennan moves the sign of the Coopers Arms from 88 Harris Street to his new building on the corner.

  • 1873

    Peter Brennan dies, leaving the Coopers Arms to his daughter Julia Goodall Brennan, now married to James C Pratt, son of James Pratt.

  • 1896

    Coopers Arms loses its license.

  • 1897

    James C Pratt builds new wing along Harris Street, the hotel is relicensed and renamed Pleasanton.

  • 1899

    Pratt sells the Pleasanton to Tooth & Co. It is renamed the Terminus Hotel.

  • 1917

    Major remodelling undertaken by Tooth & Co.

  • 1984

    Tooth & Co sell to Isaac & Susan Wakil [Citilease Property Group] and the de-licensed hotel is locked up.

  • 2015

    The Wakil’s sell the hotel and adjoining property to Developers Auswin TWT.

  • 2016

    The Wakil’s sell the hotel and adjoining property to Developers Auswin TWT.

  • 2017

    New owners of the Terminus: David Mathlin, Binu Katari, Paul Harris and their families spotted the crumbling building was for sale and, due to their ties to the local area and fondness for the building’s history, were compelled to restore it to former glory.

  • 2018

    Award-winning designers Lucretti Krielle were enlisted to transform the inhabitable building in a way that showcased the beloved tradition and history while appealing to a new generation, lifestyle and community of modern Pyrmont.

  • 2018

    March - Terminus Pyrmont is re-opened to the local Pyrmont community after 33 years.

From The Lost Collective